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The Complete Northern Ireland Holiday Fashion Guide For Women


Also known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is a popular destination for tourists for many reasons. In fact, the country’s natural beauty is the primary reason why people from all over the world flock to Ireland every year. This is also why Ireland is often used as the perfect backdrop for so many television shows and movies. So, what should women wear whilst visiting the Emerald Isle?

It can be challenging to know what you should pack if you are planning a holiday in Ireland. This guide will provide information more on what you should pack and what you should not pack when preparing for your trip. However, whatever you pack, do not forget to pack your smile, your thirst for fun and adventure and a desire to explore everything Ireland has to offer.

What Do Ireland’s Citizens Typically Wear?

Before you start packing for your holiday, you should have a better understanding of what the Irish normally wear. The one thing that you want to remember is that women always look presentable and appropriate when they are out in public.

This means that you will want to avoid wearing anything that is considered revealing such as very short shorts or tank tops. Not only will you look inappropriate, you will also look cold.

The daily style for women in Ireland is polished, but casual. When adding clothing to your travel list, think of items such as a nice pair of dark jeans and a blouse. If you are going to be visiting Dublin, keep in mind that it is a trendy city that is casual and formal.

In other words, just as if you were travelling anywhere else, you will need to make sure that you pack clothing that is right for the environment.

As mentioned, jeans is a very appropriate piece of clothing that you wear and because they can be washed so easily, they are ideal travel pants.

In case you have forgotten to pack an essential item in your travel bag, you will be able to find it once you arrive in Northern Ireland. So, it is perfectly fine if you want to pack light. However, be sure that your travel clothing consists of only a few specific colours. This will it easier to create new outfits from the same pieces of clothing.

What To Wear In Ireland

Before you leave for your Northern Ireland holiday, be sure that you check the weather forecast. The weather changes frequently, and what you should wear could easily change depend on what the weather is. There is nothing that will ruin your holiday quicker than being dressed inappropriately during a rainy week in Ireland.

Ireland is famous for having four seasons in a week, or sometimes, even a day. Regardless of when you decide to have your holiday, you should make sure to pack rainy gear such as:

– Comfortable walking shoes
– Waterproof boots
– Parka
– Umbrella

What Shoes Should You Wear In Ireland?

Typically, you will want to ensure you have a pair of boots. These can be worn year-round. A calf-height is great for wearing in the winter, whilst ankle boots can be during the rest of the year.

If the weather forecast is predicting heavy rain, waterproof and rubber boots will be best whilst exploring the city on foot. However, if the weather is clear and sunny, a faux leather or leather boot will be more appropriate.

Spring Women’s Fashion In Ireland

So, what is the typical weather like during the months of March, April and May? The temperatures are very mild and there is occasional wind, bouts of sunshine and rain showers. As the days are getting longer during these months, and as you travel further into the country, you will see plenty of lambs, landscapes and yellow tulips.

Since it is still cool in the spring, include a dark pair of jeans with flat and layers. Also, include clothing that can be layered like tees, sweaters and jackets.

Summer Women’s Fashion In Ireland

During the summer, you can expect long and sunny days. The summer is drier, but you can still expect to experience some wind and rain, according to Joli Womens Clothing NI.

Pack your hoodie and umbrella to protect you from some chill. Include a cardigan that you can wear with a nice summer dress, shorts, maxi dress and maxi skirt.

Tights or stockings are also options to wear under shorts and skirts, and a scarf will add an extra layer of warm and a pop of colour.

Fall Women’s Fashion In Ireland

The weather this time of year includes a visible decrease in temperature, frequent wind and rain. If you are going to holiday in Northern Ireland during this time of the year, pack items that are stylish and warm. A trench coat will also provide additional warmth.

Layering is important during the fall as well, so pack plain tees, wool jerseys and long sleeve shirts. These items can be dressed up or down with jeans and trousers.

Winter Women’s Fashion In Ireland

The coldest weather in Ireland occurs during the winter. This means that you can expect days that are much shorter and very rainy. The winter also often brings high winds and even the potential for snow.

Thick trousers, jeans, waterproof jackets and thermal under clothes are all highly suggested. Also include ear muffs, gloves, thick scarves and a beanie or other warm hat.

Womens Clothing Fashion Guide NI

Women’s fashion in Ireland is based on appropriate classic, trendy and stylish clothing items. Check the weather before your holiday to ensure you pack the best clothing for your adventure in Ireland.