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Surreal Earth

June 7th, 2015

Surreal Earth Mutant Landscape

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ― Edgar Degas

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I watched a webinar from Getty Images back in 2014, on a visual trends forecast for 2015 (their webinars are brilliant by the way) and they hit on trend called “Mutant Nature”. Mutant Nature encompass dream like landscapes, they appear otherworldly and psychedelic in colors. It captures our love of nature and the surreal, and it inspired the collection I created above.

Earth Revisited Art Print

I took this photograph in 2012 while on a road trip around America. It was taken in Rocky Mountain National Park, we had driven to the top, and this was the view when we got up there. I have edited the photo in Photoshop, adding in vibrant colors, to create the “Mutant Nature” style.

Below is the photograph before i added the colours, although its not the original completely, the original was washed out and pale in comparison.


Earth Revisited is available to purchase as an art print, canvas print, tote bag, throw pillow / cushion, wall clock, phone case cover, and on various apparel, including this wicked hoody.

Mountain Mirror #3

This photo was also taken during my road trip back in 2012, and it comprises of two or more photographs which I layered together. I mirrored the mountains, changed the lower section of the photo blue, and added in the moon.

Mountain Mirror 3

I created a few variations of this piece…

written by Tamsin
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