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Society6 Product Reviews

May 16th, 2017

Society6 Product Reviews

I have been an artist and customer of Society6 since 2014. As an artist, I earn money by selling my designs on products, and from time to time I order them so that I can photograph them in person, and enjoy them myself!

In this post, I will be reviewing my experience of purchasing, from ordering to receiving including shipping expectations, longevity, and I will show a comparison of how the products appear on the site compared to how they appear in real life.

I’ve ordered a variety of products including mugs, throw pillows, a shower curtain, beach towels and tote bags.

Ordering & Shipping

All products are made to order which takes 3-4 business days for production. Then it takes 2-8 business days for domestic shipping and 1-3 weeks internationally (if there are no delays). There is only one option for shipping, so if you need something sooner it’s not possible. I live on the east coast of America, and Society6 are in California but I have noticed that when I look at the full tracking of the order it appears to be coming from a distribution center in North Carolina or Georgia. After they ship the product, tracking information becomes available in the orders section of your account.

On average, my purchases arrived after 10 days or 8 business days. All packages arrive well packaged and I have always received stickers with each order offering $5 off my next order if purchased within 30 days. Nice!

The Products


The print comes around most of the mug, excludes around the handle area and rim of the mug. The print quality looks great and has a sheen. I’ve had one mug since 2015, and it’s still in very good condition, but there is a small area where the design has worn away. I have been putting it in the dishwasher, but they are dishwasher safe so it’s supposed to be ok. My father ordered mugs from S6 and a lot of the print has come away, I don’t know if their dishwasher is harsher, but it hasn’t worn in the same way.

Glorious Lilies - Mug

Glorious Lilies - Mug

Glorious Lilies – Mug

Throw Pillows

The first pillow I ordered back in 2015 has lasted very well, exterior looks good as new, but the padding within was a little low to start with. A pillow I ordered this year is stuffed really well with padding. The filling is polyester, but if you prefer down you can always order just the cover and then buy the padding elsewhere. The print is on both sides, the zip is embedded so almost invisible, and there is a small black tag with Society6 logo on it. The texture is nice, it’s like canvas, but I would personally prefer it to be silky smooth!

Tropical Banana Leaf Print - Throw Pillow

Tropical Palm Print - Throw Pillow

Tropical Palm Print - Throw Pillow

Tropical Palm Print – Throw Pillow

Shower Curtain

Print quality is very good. Not as crisp as the mugs, but the print is huge! Printed on one side and doesn’t come with hooks so you need to buy them separately. I noticed parts of my design I didn’t like when printed, so I went back changed it and uploaded a new version.

Tropical Lilies - Shower Curtain

Tropical Lilies - Shower Curtain

Tropical Lilies – Shower Curtain

Beach Towels

I love the fabric, it’s very soft and smooth, quality of the print is very nice, it would be nice if the fabric was a little thicker. There is a small black tag with Society6 logo on it.

The Moon - Beach Towel

The Moon - Beach Towel

The Moon – Beach Towel

You can also see photos of the Tropical Palm Print beach towel.

Tote Bags

The bag has a similar texture to the throw pillows, and might actually be the same fabric. I’ve purchased two totes, the first I bought in April 2016 and the inside is now all fraying away (I was using it every day as a handbag). I purchased another tote bag in November 2016 and that bag is still in great condition.

Glorious Lilies on Black - Tote Bag

Glorious Lilies on Black Tote Bag

Glorious Lilies on Black Tote Bag


I’m personally happy with the overall print quality of their products. I’d love to see more options on fabrics available for the customer, and faster shipping options.

I recommend signing up for their newsletter so that you can take advantage of sales when they’re on!

Are you an artist or photographer?

Thinking about selling your work online? Then you might be interested in reading my post about why I like using Society6, or if you are already a member then take a look at my ebook for tips on using the society6 platform.

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Society6 Product ReviewsSociety6 Product Reviews

written by Tamsin
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