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September 26th, 2015

Tropical Palm Print – Inspired by the famous Hinson Martinique print wall paper seen on the walls of the Beverly Hills hotel, in the movie The Aviator, and featured in the Friends episode “The One in Barbados“.

Banana Leaf Throw Pillows Interior Design

Modeled with our fantastic feline, ChakaKhan.


I created the Tropical Palm Print design using leaves from a banana leaf plant, which I turned into a digitally illustrated art print.


This is our living room, with the Tropical Palm Print throw pillows. The white sofa makes a nice backdrop for the pillows to pop!

Throw Pillows / Cushions

You can purchase these botanical throw pillows from, starting from $20.

Banana Leaf Throw Pillows Interior Design

You can get this tropical print as a framed art print or on canvas and it is also available on a variety of products: shower curtain, duvet cover, rug, wall tapestry, towel, throw blanket, wall clock, tote bag, phone case, mug, and more!

written by Tamsin
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