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10 tips for success on Society6

October 3rd, 2016

Free ebook - 10 Tips for Success on

This free eBook is aimed at both new and long-standing members of Society6. Even if you’ve been a member for a long time, there still may be tips that can help increase your income!

If you aren’t a member yet but you are thinking about joining, then you may be interested in reading my article on why I think Society6 is a great platform for artists and photographers to sell their work.

The eBook contains 10 tips for getting the most out of your membership on Society6, from developing your network to getting extra exposure for your work which can contribute to increasing sales.

I’ve been a member of Society6 since March of 2014 and over the last two years I’ve learned how the platform works and methods of how I can increase sales and grown my monthly income. I’ve gained over a thousand followers who have helped me to grow as an artist; with their generous support by championing the work they think is my best. I’ve also learned what sells the most isn’t necessarily the item with the highest promotions.

Ready to learn the tips? Click the book or URL below to download your free copy! If you find the eBook helpful, then I’d love to hear your insights so please let me know in the comments section below. If you have advice that you think I’ve missed, please share that too! Good luck fellow Society6 members – I hope that it is helpful for you.

Free ebook - 10 Tips for Success on
Free eBook - 10 tips for success on Society6 (593 downloads)
written by Tamsin
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