Geometric Glass Terrariums
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Geometric Glass Terrariums

March 29th, 2015

photo of a Geometric Glass Terrarium
Geometric Glass Terrarium – Tiny Kingdom

We love the tiny magical world you can create with a glass terrarium, filled with golden sand, lush succulents, and perhaps a sprinkling of sparkling crystals!

We’ve found many beautiful geode inspired glass terrariums! The one pictured above is hand made by Tiny Kingdom and they are based in London, England. Tiny Kingdom only ship to nearby post codes, so if you are located out of London or even out of England, this one ships worldwide.

To see more inspiration for geometric glass terrariums and ideas for how to adorn them, take a peek at Jeannie Jeannie who has plenty of gorgeous photos of them.

Once you have your terrarium, you may find these DIY guides for putting it together useful: Living Lavida Holoka, Cotton and Curls, or Matha Stewart.



written by Tamsin
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