DIY Wood Slice Coasters

DIY Wood Slice Coasters

February 28th, 2016

Photograph by Elizabeth Viggiano

We created wood slice coasters as gifts for our wedding guests, and kept a few to decorate our home! They make lovely handmade keepsakes for friends and family.

How we made them

Using the trunk from a small birch tree, it was cut using a miter saw into 1/4 inch slices. The slices were then left for a few months to air dry. Spread them out and then weight them down, as Stacking them takes longer to dry. Once they had dried out, each slice was sanded by hand using 220 grit sandpaper. This was quite laborious work!

Sanding the cut wood slice pieces

But, you can also skip the first part and buy wood slices ready to go from Etsy.

Then using two stamps purchased from Paper Sushi. The first stamp is the “all you need is love stamp” which cost $15, the other stamp was a custom design using our initials.

DIY Wood Slice Coasters

DIY Wood coasters and a floral mug

See more of the floral mug pictured above or you can purchase it on


Holiday / Christmas / Wedding Center Piece

The image of the left is a centerpiece from our wedding and the one on the right is a Christmas themed centerpiece, which used the same decor from our wedding and swapped flowers for fur tree sprigs.

DIY Wood Slice Coasters

written by Tamsin
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