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DIY Crystal & Copper Boxes

March 2nd, 2016

Minimal white wooden boxes with copper and crystal detailing.
I love the geometric shape of the feet from the rectangle box which compliments the hexagon shape of the smaller box. I plan to use as storage boxes for my jewelry/jewellery but they would also work well as office storage for small items.

DIY Copper and Crystal Jewlry Boxes

I enjoyed making these pretty little boxes, sitting in my bay window playing music with my cat pottering around and peeking at the process. Here I share with you the process of making them.

Homemade pretty copper jewelry boxes with a geode handle

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The Supplies

Paint Brushes (I used two kinds, one foam and one synthetic hair)
White acrylic paint $1.99
Copper metallic paint $2.15
Philips screw driver size 0
A box (I bought one from joann and one from Target).
Painters masking tape
Sandpaper (2000 grit)
A crystal

The tool kit

jewlery boxes - painting the boxes in white

The Process

I created a quick one minute video on how I created these boxes, scroll down to watch the video first. Watch The Video

First, I unscrewed the hinges and fastening clips from each box.
Using the foam brush I painted the box using the white craft paint, then I let them dry for an hour.

Crystal and hinge painting

With the other brush, I painted the hinges and the underside of the crystal with copper craft paint. Spray painting the hinges may have been a better option, but then matching the color may have been tricky.

Once the white-painted boxes were dry I gently sanded the box to remove the spiky fibers, they are liable to give you a splinter.

Next, I applied the masking tape around the lid of the box. I made the thickness of exposed lid about 1 cm the whole way around. Once applied its good to run the back of your nail / or something hard against the masking tape to ensure a firm application – it helps to prevent paint from getting underneath.

Paint the line around the lid with the copper paint and the synthetic hair brush. Wait an hour, then apply the second coat.

Copper painting boxes

The next part is probably my most favorite stage of the whole process, and you don’t need to wait for it to dry to do it…

DIY Crystal & Copper Jewelry Boxes

Peeling off the masking tape. It’s so satisfying!

Chaka Khan watching the process

There’s my helper, ChakaKhan.

DIY Crystal & Copper Jewelry Boxes

Next, put the hinges and fastening clip back in place.

Glue the crystal to the top of the box.


DIY Craft Boxes

DIY Crystal & Copper Jewelry Boxes

Watch The Video

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DIY Copper and Crystal Jewlry Boxes


Thank you to Homey Oh My who inspired these! A great blog with inspiring DIY projects captured beautifully.

written by Tamsin
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