DIY homemade body and lip scrubs

DIY Body and Lip Scrubs

December 8th, 2016


This is a super simple recipe for homemade beauty scrubs. It’s basically brown sugar and coconut oil, but the type of coconut oil used is important!

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Making homemade cosmetics has been trial and error process for me, and I’ve learned a few things along the way. For example, coconut oil is too oily for my face, but great for the rest of my body, and regular coconut oil (the solid variety) will clog your bathtub but the fractionated variety which stays liquid, seems to prevent that issue. I’ve saved money by making cosmetics at home and I like being able to choose what goes in, and what doesn’t, like harsh chemicals. Also, in some cases, these homemade products have worked better for me than store bought products. My skin gets very dry, especially in winter, but coconut oil is intense enough to keep my skin moisturised for much longer. With this body scrub, I don’t need moisturiser anymore, I use the scrub, rinse it off with water and the residue of the oil works brilliantly as a leave in moisturiser. Plus it’s a natural antioxidant which is great for preventing wrinkles and skin issues. There is an abundant amount of ways that you can reap the health benefits of coconut oil, in fact there are over 150 uses.

In this DIY project, I’m using glass jars from Infinity Jars, which they kindly sent me a couple to try out. The jars are pretty and similar in appearance to Neal’s Yard Remedies, a popular UK brand selling organic cosmetics. The colour is a very dark indigo, so dark they appear black. They have a nice weight and feel good quality. These jars have been crafted to block out harmful rays which help keep the contents fresh for longer, which can be useful for when using raw products if they don’t have preservatives in them.

I calculated that, without factoring in the cost of the jars as they are a one time purchase, it works out at roughly $2.50 per body scrub and just $0.20 per lip scrub!

Homemade Lavender Body Scrub

30 pumps of Fractionated coconut oil – $12.97
2/3 cup of light brown sugar – $8.95
10 drops of Lavender oil – $5.99
200 ml Glass Cosmetic Style Wide Mouth Jar – $19


Add the brown sugar and coconut oil into a mixing bowl and mix together. The quantities used here create a rough scrub so if you prefer a gentler scrub add extra coconut oil or even a little water. Now add lavender oil as desired.


Transfer the scrub from the bowl to the 200ml jar.



There you have it, a quick and easy DIY body scrub! Now on to the lip scrub…

Homemade Rose Hip Lip Scrub

2 tsps of Solid coconut oil – $9.95
1 tsp of light brown sugar – $8.95
Rose hip oil – $4.89
15 ml Pocketsize Glass Jar – $10

Put the sugar and coconut oil together into a mixing bowl. Mix together and it will form a smooth paste. In this recipe, I used more coconut oil than sugar and it creates a very gentle scrub. Add a few drops of the rose oil.


Finally, add the mix into a jar.




Two easy scrubs complete.

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If you make the scrub then please let me know how it goes for you!

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written by Tamsin
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