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7 Websites to Sell Your Art, Designs, and Photography

June 9th, 2017

Seven websites to sell art and photography

Is your passion in graphic design, illustration, photography, painting, or all of the above? You can earn money by submitting digital copies of your work to a variety of websites. You can choose to sell your work as an art print and on a range of products.

If you are just starting out with selling online, then this guide may be of help to you. I provide an overview of what you get from each website, to help you get an informed idea for where to start investing your time.

I have been selling my designs and photographs on Society6 for over three years. In the last year I signed up to another seven platforms. In this post, I will compare each one on the potential commissions you can earn, product ranges available, and the method of creating products.

On each platform, you upload digital files of your artwork and then they magically become available for customers to purchase. Each product is made on demand and you earn a commission on every item sold. The products available differs from site to site, but majority of them offer; art prints, home decor, clothing, stationary, and phone covers. You don’t have to do anything else! But, it can help to do more (for example advertising, sharing through social, etc.).

Each site allows you to create your own shop within their website, and your products will also be found through browsing or searching through the main site. Some of them feature a community element allowing you to communicate with other members and support each other through promoting their work. Some also have the added benefit of affiliate linking, which allows you to earn a commission if you bring the customer to the site, and even on your own products!

You may choose to sign up to just one site, or to a few. The beauty of the these platforms are that they allow you retain all the rights to your work and you can submit the same piece to multiple sites.

Benefits for selling on multiple websites:

Gain exposure to customers on each site
Sell locally in regions
Earn more revenue
Diversify revenue opportunities
More choice with product ranges

Ok; now let’s get into the platform comparisons.


Location: California – Ships worldwide
Product Range: Huge product range including home decor, homeware, clothes, kids and baby clothes, stationary, tech cases, accessories, sports and games, pet supplies, art prints, and much more.
Wholesale: Options available.
The method of creating: Choose the product you want to make, upload a design and position it. You can add multiple designs to one product and you can add text too. Zazzle also allows customers to customise products when they buy them. You can add text to a product in your choice of font, size and position and then set it as a template for a customer to easily edit.
Commission: You set your commission on every item, but they recommend between 10% and 15% with an average around 12%. You can also earn affiliate commissions on your own products or on other members products.

Live Heroes

Location: Poland – Ships worldwide
Product Range: Primarily selling clothing with all over print designs, kids clothing, home decor, tech cases, and art prints.
The method of creating: Upload a design and apply it to the products you wish to it sell on, with live adjustments for positioning graphics.
Commission: 20% revenue on each item sold
Community: Live Heroes has a feature which allows people to like/love your products, but they are anonymous.


Location: New York – Ships worldwide
Product Range: Apparel, kids and baby clothes, art prints, cases, mugs, and notebooks.
The method of creating: Upload a design and choose a background colour, then choose the products you want to make.
Commission: Ranges from $3-21 (for full price items).
Community: You can comment on peoples work, and receive comments on yours.


Location: London – Ships worldwide
Product Range: Art prints, all over print designs on apparel, throw pillows / cushion covers, wallpaper, and phone cases.
The method of creating: Upload a design and each product available will be automatically created from it.
Commission: 12-20%
Community:MiPic has both a like/love feature and you can see who liked it. It also has the ability for you to follow other artists.


Location: California – Ships worldwide
Product Range: Art prints, home décor, homeware, tech accessories, and clothing.
Wholesale: Options available.
Commission: On art prints you set your commission so the skys the limit! For selling on all other products the commission is fixed and ranges from $1.40-$15.90.
The method of creating: Upload your design and if the design is large enough in pixel size then the platform automatically creates all products for you, then you can adjust the position of the design and choose which you want to make available in your shop. You can also earn affiliate commissions on your own products or on other peoples products.
Community: With Society6 the community features are the most advanced compared to the rest of the sites. There is the like/love feature allowing you to promote the designs you like, you can comment on peoples designs, and you can follow them. When you follow other people their new artwork appears in your “My Society” feed.
If you would like to read more about Society6 I wrote an article on them.

Art of Where

Location: Canada – Ships worldwide
Product Range: Clothes, pillow cases, scarves, tech cases, accessories, wall art and fabric.
Wholesale: (Min order of just 6 items) and Drop Shipping.
Commission: 25% on all products, and 10% on fabric, sold from an Art of Where store.
The method of creating: Choose the type of product you want to make, upload your design and position it in place.


Location: New York
The method of creating: Etsy is the only platform on the list here that doesn’t offer selling designs on products. To do that you would need to work directly with a manufacturer and if you do, you need to disclose this information in your shop. offers drop shipping for Etsy, so you could use a combination of both. You can also sell digital files that your customers can print themselves. Or, you can either print the files yourself or work with an online/local print shop.
Commission: Set by you. They take a cut of your sale, and charge a monthly sellers fee.
Community: People can like your products and follow your shop.


Each site has a unique brand that appeals to different customers, so the style of your work may lend best to one site over another. I recommend taking a look at each site and to check out what’s popular/ the overall style of the artwork and this may help you to decide which audience may be most interested in your buying work. A good place to start is also with the website that is located closest to where you live.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

written by Tamsin
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